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USA STOCK portable home sauna box foldable half body spa sauna steam tent

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Product Description

USA STOCK portable home sauna box foldable half body spa sauna steam tent

The fold-down rims bath in a full package closed box, with gray, black two colors optional, sweat evaporate through steam boiler steam, no dead Angle 360 ° physical therapy,several temperature control, intelligent time fixed temperature, outside the box body has a convenient stretch out his hand and close pocket design, zipper design phone convenient, entertainment and leisure.
Sauna Size
Carton Size
Net/Gross Weight
5kg/ 5.2kg
Applicable Height
155-185 cm
carton foam packaging
Product Certification

Product Details

Installation easy installation, no tools, free hands can be easily installed. Through steam steam pan, 360 ℃, no dead Angle physiotherapy, effectively improve the body's blood circulation, blood running, can help ease the ache, because excessive strain appear and can help activate cells, help to improve the sub healthy state of body, make the skin cells become more active at the same time, to enhance the blood circulation, also make the skin become more smooth, look better. The most significant point is to change skin skin quality, enhance skin elasticity, delay aging. In addition, sweat steaming can also promote the body detoxification, excreting the waste accumulated in the body, so as to more effectively beautify and clear the skin. At the same time, it can also help the various hormones in the body to get reasonable secretion, so as to regulate the body discomfort caused by endocrine imbalance.