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18 language Automatic body temperature accurate digital measurement k9 pro wall mount liquid hand sanitizer soap dispenser

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Product name
multifunctional hand washer
Alarm mode
LED light/voice alarm
Test distance
5-10CM automatic measurement
Display screen
LED digital display
Power mode
4pc *AAbattery/Android USB socket
Measurement range
body temperature (32 °C-42.9 °C/89.6 °F-109.2 °F)
Standby mode
5S for non-working,dynamic loop with white light
Standby boot
hands in the sensing area, automatic boot
Style selection
Temperature measurement accuracy
±0.2°C Interface
Product Description
【❤ Leak-Proof Design of Refillable Sensor Pump hands free dispenser 】: Hand gel Pump Dispensador with Spray Head Using Leak-Proof Design, Prevent liquid dripping and maintain hygiene, Low consumption, safety, convenience, Cleanness. Soap dispenser is suitable for gel/liquid, It can't produce foam on its own, Can Meet The Needs of Kids/Adult and Any Other Family Members.(Note: Do not use the hand sanitizer dispenser in harsh
* 【❤ No Holing Installation & Perfect Service】: Split and combined design, Connect the wall bracket with the bracket on the back of the dispenser, and then fix the back glue with the wall bracket. Installation height of toilet exceed 16cm, Indoor installation height exceed 50cm. If you have any questions during use, Please contact us in good time. We offer reliable customer service.(NOTE: Do not install the dispenser above the mirror surface or above flowing water)